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[scriptlog] Kisarazu Twins, Eiji, NPC [Apr. 18th, 2007|03:51 pm]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows


Date: 04.20.07 (foredated~!)
Rating: PG
Summary: Scriptlog. The Kisarazu twins have a bittersweet reunion at Old Trick, and Eiji has an over-eager fan. (NPC, Akito, by Angel~)

Atsushi: *has been drug (quite literally) to a strip bar after filming wrapped up for the day; is currently watching disinterestedly as a dancer gyrates on stage in front of him, much to the delight of his costars and the production team* *doesn't really see the point -- or the interest -- as he's been surrounded by people in various states of dress all day* *looks at his empty glass instead and pushes his chair back, leaning over to murmur to one costar* I'm going to get another drink.

Ryou: *sits at the bar, watching with disinterest as the boy makes a complete fool of himself on stage... Or rather, he is good, but it's a stupid work to begin with*

Atsushi: *approaches bar, not really paying attention to who's around him as he leans on the bar and summons the bartender* *has to speak up to be heard over the loud music* Vodka on the rocks, please. *doesn't know the man, easily tweaks his emotions just a bit to skip the bothersome carding phase of ordering drinks*

Ryou: *looks up, frowning as he hears his own voice order something when he clearly has been keeping his mouth shut* ...

Atsushi: *notices the bartender giving him an odd look, can see the grey-greenish cast of his emotions* *sighs, didn't think he was heard, repeats self* Vodka. On the rocks. *slightly annoyed, would like his drink*

Ryou: *looks up, drawls lazily* You heard him.

Atsushi: *hears a voice next to him that sounds just like his own; stiffens a bit, and glances to the side, catching sight of a very familiar face* I would hope so...*pauses, not sure exactly what to say, but it has to be...* Aniki.

Ryou: .... That's me. *gives Atsushi a quick glance, then stares down at his Scotch on the Rocks again*

Atsushi: *slightly shocked, but masks it easily behind a neutral expression* ...I guess so. Hm...wasn't expecting to see you...*almost adds an 'again', but decides against it*

Ryou: That was the plan. *ponders if he should just get up and leave before old emotions might start and catch up with him*

Atsushi: Ah. *frowns softly, not quite surprised* *concentrates a moment to raise his shields up a notch -- doesn't want to project anything on accident -- and takes his drink from the bartender, digs out his wallet to pay then downs half of it in one swallow* Plans don't always work out.

Ryou: *shrugs and downs his drink, eyes returning to the boy on the stage* You're an odd guest here, 'Tsu.

Atsushi: *sighs softly* Co...workers wanted a night out. *shrugs, turns to look at dancer over shoulder* This was their idea.

Ryou: And you just got dragged along? Co workers, huh? *orders another drink, ponders in silence for a few minutes, then* What do you work with?

Atsushi: Yeah, something like that. *frowns, internally wincing at question -- never imagined he'd have to explain this to elder brother, and would like to avoid it as long as possible* I act.

Ryou: Act? You? *quickly glances over at Atsushi, then shrugs* Fine. You any good?

Atsushi: Yeah. *figures it would be a surprise, shrugs back* Good enough to find work.

Ryou: Mmm...

Atsushi: What about you?

Ryou: Perform.

Atsushi: *figures that's a fair answer, given how vague he's been* Oh. Any good?

Ryou: I guess. *shrugs and watches the nimble redhead on the stage make his final bows and then disappear back stage, barely escaping some unwanted attention* Tell your co workers to cool themselves, huh? I'm guessing that's them at least.

Atsushi: *frowns softly at rowdy bunch of guys, has no plans on going back around them -- might even just leave his coat and take off* Yeah, that's them. *sighs, shakes head* You'd think they'd be burnt out by now...*muttered mostly to himself*

Ryou: *pretends he doesn't hear that last part, but still frowns* You think they'll be trouble?

Atsushi: *tips his head and considers, dropping his shields a bit to read their emotions* Mmm...probably not. Just loud and annoying like they normally are.

Ryou: Ah. They'd better keep away from the dancers, or they'll be thrown out.

Atsushi: Mmm...*not overly concerned about that* It might do them some good...*notices one guy getting up from the table, sighs as he's his costar and is in one of the more aggressive moods* Crap.

Ryou: .... Hm?

Eiji: *has changed from his strange clothes to something a little bit more comfortable, and less revealing, and waves at Ryou* Hey, you! You're Saeki's friend, right? Liked the show?

Akito: *cuts across the room, smirking arrogantly and acting like he's sex on legs (he thinks he is)* *notices Atsushi at the bar with...someone that looks a lot like him and strides up* Atsu~ You missed the best part of the show...*teeters slightly, has had a lot of beer on an empty stomach*

Atsushi: *eyebrow raise* I could see it from here...

Eiji: *turns to Akito* Oh? You liked the show, did you? *grins*

Ryou: *turns attention back to his drink*

Akito: *notices that it's the really hot redhead from on stage* Oh yeah~ *gives him thumbs up, steps forward and wraps an arm around Atsushi, grinning widely* We loved it, didn't we, Atsu? Nice and sexy, just like you, cutie. *glances back at Ryou cause damn...that guy does look like Atsushi* Hey, Atsu, who's your friend? You guys...kinda look alike...

Atsushi: *sighs and shrugs arm off, stepping away* There might be a reason for that.

Eiji: *tucks a bit of unruly hair behind his ear and grins wider, determined to keep up a good show for the customers, even if the man creeps him out a little bit too much. Also... Ew, drunk* Really sexy?

Ryou: *tries to ignore the conversation, instead orders his third glass of Scotch*

Akito: Super sexy~ Almost as sexy as Atsu and I when we get on screen...*leers, stumbling a couple of steps*

Atsushi: *frowns in annoyance, doesn't want to discuss that around aniki* *turns back to bar, orders another vodka instead of dealing with him*

Eiji: On screen, huh? You mean you're in the movies, nya? That's so cool! *does a quick, enthusiastic jump*

Ryou: *mutters under his breath to Atsushi* Nice one. If he gives Kikumaru too much trouble, will you make sure he at least gives the stupid kid a tip?

Akito: Oh yeah, we are. Currently working on filming one this month~ *proud of this, especially when drunk* You know, you should audition or something. *leans towards Eiji a bit, grinning and smelling like booze* Bet you could get a part reeeeeeeeeeeal easy.

Atsushi: *eyes bouncy redhead, swirling mix of hyper-spastic orange and grayish tones* ...mmm. I can try. *shrugs, can tweak his emotions a bit; at least right now he's just in an arrogant mood, bit horny -- nothing much*

Eiji: *gives a slightly wavering grin, forcing himself to keep from backing away* I don't know... *pouts cutely* That would mean I'd have to leave here, right, nya? I like it here.

Ryou: Good. *is starting to feel light headed because he's downed his booze quite fast, and also, being close to Atsushi after so many years is enough to make him dizzy*

Akito: No, no. *shakes head* Lots of our extras have other jobs too. Just gotta show up for a couple of days a filming, do a little moaning, look pretty. 's nothing hard. *steps closer and rests elbow on bar, trying to look cool*

Atsushi: *glares daggers at Akito for even mentioning that, not that he's paying attention* *can feel that the redhead is clearly uncomfortable* Akito...give the kid a break. He's not interested in our line of work...*glances over at aniki, who's projecting some confused mix of drunkenness, tenseness and...sleepiness*

Eiji: *tells himself again to keep from backing away, offers Akito a wide grin again* Oooh, that's easy then! But I don't know... I could get totally shy nya~

Ryou: *is so not drunk - or at least that's what he'd like to tell himself - and nods towards Atsushi* My brother the movie star... How the hell did that happen anyway?

Akito: You? Shy? After that performance? *look of total disbelief* No way. You're a natural.

Atsushi: *has shields down a bit too much, is getting a headache -- but doesn't want to up them until he's sure Akito's not going to be stupid* *glances over at aniki (who is...drunk...fun)* Eh...I sorta fell into it on accident. I needed work after I dropped out of college. *turns long enough to order water from barkeeper -- if Akito's going to be stupid and aniki's going to be drunk, he'd better not be either*

Eiji: But it's different because it's all practiced and no one interrupts and tell you that you have to do this or that because you have the routine down and you pull the shots more or less anyway nya... *pouts thoughtfully*

Ryou: College drop-out? You? Well hell...

Akito: Look, Chili, all ya have to do on screen is spread your legs and act like you're having a good time. If Atsu can do it, anyone can. And if you want to practice, well...there's always off the screen. *leers a bit*

Atsushi: Mmm, yeah. Accounting wasn't that interesting. *shrugs, glares at Akito over* ...you know he's not going to fuck you, right? *will see to it personally for that crack*

Eiji: Oh... *chews on lower lip, then reaches out with his finger, tapping Akito's nose* Oh, but I don't need off screen practice nya~

Ryou: ... Accounting. Hn. *really tries to ignore the other two, because the redhead does *not* look like a person who should be discussing sex in the first place. Rather, he doesn't look like a person at all. More, kitten-ish like or something, and that thought is kind of amusing, all though Ryou really don't know why. He still can't help but grin though, looking down in his glass*

Akito: Can it, Atsu. *snorts and orders another drink for himself* Everyone knows you only get work because you fucked the producer. *blinks at nose poke, grins at Eiji* Oh, come on, Chili. Everyone can use a little off screen practice. Even Atsu. *ignores the fact that Atsushi never sleeps with anyone off screen*

Atsushi: *headtilt, surprised to learn he's slept with the producer* ...I did? Hm. Wonder if he was any good...*takes water from bartender, opening the bottle and getting a drink* Yeah, accounting. Boring as hell. It was either that or law.

Eiji: You know... *pouts* I don't like work places where people talk bad about their co-workers. *flicks Akito's nose again* It's rude and a bad habit and makes people get on the wrong foot with each other, nya. You shouldn't talk like that about him there. *nods sagely*

Ryou: I didn't even know you could spell the word sex, otouto. *shrugs* And uh... Law is kinda... stupid.

Akito: *winces at nose flick, frowning sharply* What? He's a little ass. Everyone knows it. Fucking princess.

Atsushi: *grumbles under breath* At least I have one. *directs attention back to aniki* You'd be surprised what they teach in schools these days. I can even spell the bigger words for it. F-O-R-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. I-N-T-E-R-C-O-U-R-S-E. *leans elbows on bar, sipping drink* Now that idiot over there...I have my doubts. And Law is...pointless.

Eiji: There you go again, being mean. *shakes head* I don't think I want to work with you. Or you know... Do anything with you?

Ryou: .......... Good for you. *blank stare, buzah?*

Akito: *gets drink, glares at redhead with narrow eyes* Bullshit...you want me. *steps closer*

Atsushi: *eyebrow raise at Ryou, can see his emotions swirling as he gets drunker* Mmm...yeah, I thought so. *shifts gaze in Akito's direction, frowns* Fucking hell...*muttered softly, can see he's gotten angry and he's lustful* Akito. Back off. The kid said he's not interested.

Akito: Fuck you, Atsu. *still moving towards Eiji* Little bitch thinks he can badmouth me...

Eiji: *quickly looks around for a light candle. Even though it will probably look extremely bad to use his powers here and now, he has to have an escape route if things come to worse, right? He takes a step backwards and frowns, his voice for once serious* You're the one doing the badmouthing here, dude, not me. Just pointing out my opinion.

Ryou: *oh look the glass almost moves by itself, or at least the liquid does in pretty but kind of dizziness inducing swirls yay*

Akito: Shut the fuck up! *drunken anger, staggers towards Eiji, grabbing* I'm gonna take you into the restroom and...

Atsushi: *notes the changes in emotion, sighs and sits up, shifting his attention fully on Akito and forcibly shutting down his emotions* That's enough, Akito. Go sit back down.

Akito: *about to go into a drunken rant, but trails off, face suddenly going blank, then confused, then in pain* Ah...what the fuck...?

Atsushi: *is glad he's drunk, idiot won't remember it in the morning* Just go sit. It'll pass. *shifts his emotions a little bit more, making him trust Atsushi more than he does*

Akito: *lets go of Eiji and stumbles backwards, knocking against Ryou while clutching his head* Yeah...sure thing, Atsu. Fucking hell, my head...*wanders back to where coworkers sit*

Eiji: *blinks at the sudden change in the situation and decides that maybe he should get out of here before (if?) the guy comes back to his senses* I kinda havta go now, nya... Bye! *scurries backstage, cheeks flushing and heart pounding furiously*

Ryou: *has been off in his own little world, happily watching the swirlies, when Akito bumps into him and, unsteady as he is, suddenly finds himself on the floor, mind going blank for a second before his mind screams "don't touch me!" although the only thing that comes over his lips is a subdued, rather confused* Don't...!

Atsushi: *barely notices Eiji taking off, catches sudden flare of fear from aniki and swirls off his stool, kneeling down next to him* Aniki...hey. You okay? *wincing slightly himself as he raises his shields mostly back up -- head's starting to hurt pretty bad from having them down*

Ryou: No... I... Don't... *pushes himself to his feet and starts to stumble towards the exit*

Atsushi: *frowns softly and stands up, forgetting his jacket at the table -- and damn it, his cigarettes too -- but follows Ryou* Aniki, take it easy. It was just an accident.

Ryou: *continues into the back alley that leads to the staff's door, where he sinks down on his knees, retching*

Atsushi: *follows, standing behind him while he does* ...you should have had some water. *neutral observation, concerned but....not really sure how to express that about anyone anymore*

Ryou: *finishes up, shuddering, and then finds himself unable to get back on his feet* You don't say... Got some?

Atsushi: Yeah. *kneels down next to, offering half-full bottle of water he'd been sipping earlier* Here.

Ryou: *grabs it eagerly and rinses his mouth before downing a few gulps* ... Thanks.

Atsushi: *shrugs* No problem. *has no clue what to do now; doesn't have alcohol and strippers to distract either of them, and his head still hurts*

Ryou: *is quiet for a bit, then gets to his feet, dusting his knees of* Chili's an idiot. You think he's okay?

Atsushi: *stands up as well, shrugs; can't feel anyone not his line of sight* He was pretty freaked out, but I doubt Akito tries anything else. *runs fingers through hair* 's not like he's going to get it up for a few hours...

Ryou: ... *blinks* Wha...?

Atsushi: *headtilts at him, drops shields enough to note confusion, puts them back up* Hm...I guess you don't...*bites lower lip, looks away and shrugs* We're not completely identical then. Imagine that.

Ryou: ... You have a trick too, huh?

Atsushi: A trick? If that's what this...stuff is called, then yeah. *shrugs and hooks fingers in pockets of jeans*

Ryou: *leans against the wall, his head still slightly spinning and god, that thing still touched him* Hn...

Atsushi: Yeah. *glances back down alleyway, watching for people* Always wondered if it was just me.

Ryou: .... Now you know it's not.

Atsushi: So that takes care of all the vital stuff I wanted to know in life. Guess I can die happy now or something.

Ryou: ..... I guess. *shrugs*

Atsushi: Life's greatest mystery solved and all that. *reaches up, rubs temple and frowns* Know why I used to get all those headaches as kid. Wasn't a brain tumor.

Ryou: *frowns as he tries to get his mind - and memory - to work again, and suddenly remembers what Kurobane used to say when they were kids* Right... Good.

Atsushi: *considers aniki just as responsible for that dumb joke* Yeah. *slits eyes shut a bit; crap...headache and tired, not fun*

Ryou: *pushes himself away from the wall, tired, still dizzy and would like to get away from people now please, or preferably never interact with people ever again, but that one can probably not be helped* Well, whatever. Come back here again some day, and I might be here. Going now.

Atsushi: *steps back enough to let him pass* I might. Maybe without the idiots the next time. *shrugs, heads out of alley himself -- going home* Later, aniki. I'll see ya around.

Ryou: ... Un. *starts down the street, caught up in confused thoughts and emotions*

Atsushi: *pauses, can still 'sense' things vaguely, even with shields, when he's tired* ...aniki. It's okay. *sighs* Didn't expect to see you this time. If you don't want me to see you again, just say so and I won't.

Ryou: *stops and turns around, giving a weak, humorless smile* I never ran away from you.

Atsushi: ...yeah, I figured. *glances away, not comfortable talking about why Ryou did run away; has a pretty good idea* But...you had your reasons.

Ryou: Suppose so. *shrugs and turns around again, not too eager to talk about anything related to home, even less so since Atsushi's reaction sits mighty uncomfortable with him* I'll see you around.

Atsushi: Yeah, sure, aniki. *runs fingers through hair, wondering if it might be better if Ryou didn't see him again -- less chance of their father finding them and all* I'll be around, 'm sure. Don't live that far from here. *thinking that the place served good vodka too*