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[scriptlog] Saeki, Gakuto - Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows

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[scriptlog] Saeki, Gakuto [May. 3rd, 2007|10:05 am]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows


Date: 5.2.7
Rating: G
Summary: Scriptlog~ Last one of the day, I think. XD;;; Saeki and Gakuto on break; Saeki discovers a new aspect to his trick.

Saeki: 'm going on break. *turns enough to make sure that the other bartender heard him before putting down the rag he'd been drying glasses with and stepping away from the bar* *has already had a long, busy night -- and this is the first lull of the evening* *sighs softly as he steps into the break room and makes a beeline for the group of lockers, wanting nothing more than his cigarettes and some air*

Gakuto: *standing outside, staring out rather bored and needing to cool off*

Saeki: *gets pack of cigarettes and his lighter from his locker, slips out back door, though he doesn't find the night particularly cool -- but the fact that he's wearing a skin-tight, long-sleeved black t-shirt might have something to do with that* *barely notices Gakuto in the corner of his eye, but doesn't say anything; just pulls out a cigarette and lights up, standing away from the small redhead so he doesn't blow smoke at him*

Gakuto: *actually thankful for that but he could at least say something...right?* Hello to you to

Saeki: *...so much for getting peace and quiet* Hm? *glances over at, nods and blows a lungful of smoke in the other direction* Evening, Gakuto.

Gakuto: Busy at the bar tonight?

Saeki: *nods, leans against wall on other side of the door and half closes eyes* Hmm...very. *not to mention hot and muggy and he still has that kid trying to get his gloves off him* Good night on stage?

Gakuto: It's been better but it was pretty good. *frowns* some people are so weird *wrinkles hose nose* don't know how you stand it. it's hot in there

Saeki: *nods and takes another drag of cigarette, wishing he'd thought to bring a bottle of water out with him* *smirks softly and admits* Eating ice tends to help keep me cool. *blows out smoke slowly, watching it curl and drift*

Gakuto: *wrinkles nose* you're strange, you know

Saeki: *smirks softly and closes eye* 'm an artist. It's allowed. *still considers himself one, even if he spends most of his time between working at the bar and working on graphic design commissions*

Gakuto: Making drinks makes you an artist?

Saeki: *bites back a sigh, reminding himself that is the owners' lover -- even if he can be annoying* No. Painting and doing commissions for artwork makes me an artist. The piece of paper some call a diploma with a major in fine art and design helps too.

Gakuto: *wrinkles his nose* like i knew that *makes a face at him* it's not like you show that off when you're busy making drinks

Saeki: *sighs, exhaling smoke and keeps eyes closed -- is rather tired, as he stayed up the previous night to make sure Ryou got home in one piece (he did...thank god) and then got up early to work on a commission all day* I didn't say I did. Besides, I don't think Tezuka-san would appreciate it if I did chalk art on the bar counter.

Gakuto: as long as it's not scorch marks and can come off. I think it won't bother him to bad

Saeki: It'd wash off rather easy. *small shrug* Drinks'd probably mess it up. *would actually find it a waste of chalk* Besides, people who come here probably aren't interested in looking at pretty pictures.

Gakuto: not unless they're naked or something

Saeki: *smiles thinly* Plenty of nudity around without me throwing my two bits in.

Gakuto: some of it's not bad others are though *wrinkles* why Kuni hired them.. oh well

Saeki: *has no clue, doesn't question it -- just pours the drinks* He must have had his reasons.

Gakuto: he's weird some days... *nods*

Saeki: *not talking shit about his boss, least of all to his lover* Perhaps. *shrugs, finding actually talking to Gakuto a bit odd, but...whatever* You would know him better than I do.

Gakuto: better then anyone probably *wrinkles hose nose* You should have seen him when he was younger

Saeki: *slits eyes open, glances at* I'm having a bit of hard time picturing him as a wild party animal...*almost a teasing tone*

Gakuto: *laughs* Kuni a party animal? *finds this most amusing*

Saeki: *allows himself a small smirk* Told you I was having a hard time picturing it. *finishes cigarette, flicks it to the ground and scuffs it out with the toe of his boot, yawning*

Gakuto: He was never the party type. Kuni would yell at me if i had the music up to loud... *trails off finally for the first time wondering why Kuni even owns a bar...with strippers*

Saeki: That's easier to picture. *stretches a bit, feels phone vibrate in pocket and pulls it out, noting that it's a text Bane* Bloody hell, Kuro...*sighs and opens phone*

Gakuto: *nosy and looks over at him*

Saeki: *dials number, listening as it rings, and murmurs quietly to him* ...what do you...tonight? Kuro...fuck. 'm bloody exhausted. Yeah. Off tomorrow, can sleep all day...all right. *yawns again* Fine. Come pick me from work then, ya bastard.

Gakuto: What was that?

Saeki: *glances over as he flips his phone shut* Hmm...just a friend. *shrugs, not wanting to go into the details of it* Wants to get together after I get off work.

Gakuto: going to have a little fun? *grins*

Saeki: *frowns, shrugs* Possibly. Depends on what mood he's in and how awake I am when he gets here.

Gakuto: is he good looking?

Saeki: *eyebrow raises* I suppose so....*meaning yes, but doesn't often show that he's interested in Bane to anyone save Ryou*

Gakuto: well if he's hot you'll be in the mood no matter what

Saeki: *refrains from huffing, albeit barely* Maybe, maybe not. *shrugs, putting phone away and checking watch -- has time for another partial cig, so digs out pack and lights up*

Gakuto: those kill you know

Saeki: *thin grin* I'm well aware of the fact, yes.

Gakuto: and you still do it

Saeki: *blows out smoke* Addiction's a bitch. *doesn't feel like kicking the habit -- and is not sure he could, stressed as he feels some days*

Gakuto: wouldn't know *lifts his chin* ...do you think sex counts as an addiction

Saeki: *hms softly* Technically speaking, there is such a thing as sex addiction. *glances down at cig, shrugs* Pretty much anything can be an addiction if you over do it.

Gakuto: okay maybe i do have a sex addiction... but at least it can't kill me

Saeki: So long as you don't have stroke while doing it. *shrugs, doesn't really want to discuss Gakuto's sex life, thanks; does work there, hears it often enough*

Gakuto: *shrugs* true.. *looks at him for a long moment* thanks for bringing that up *pouts at him*

Saeki: Well, you're the one who decided to remind me that this -- *holds up cig* -- can kill me. *reaches up to tuck hair behind his head* Just returning the favor.

Gakuto: but sex is more enjoyable then smoking *looks up at him* besides....*shrugs* sex is just better

Saeki: I never said it wasn't. *takes final drag off cig, flicks it to the ground and stubs it out* But not all of us can have sex when we're on break.

Gakuto: doesn't it suck... *feels proud that he can have sex on a break if he wanted to* maybe you'll be able to do it to one day

Saeki: Only if you're addicted to it and need it that badly. *prefers cigs, as they're a bit more soothing to the nerves* And if I were able to, I'd have to give up my cigarette breaks. Not sure I want to.

Gakuto: you can smoke after a quickie. I'm sure it's not that hard to do

Saeki: You're assuming I smoke after sex. *smiles at him* I only smoke when I'm at work, luv.

Gakuto: Sex is good for stress too. You can cut out smoking all together

Saeki: *wants to roll eyes, but keeps expression neutral and slightly amused* But then I'd have to be lovers with the people that own where I work. Inconvenient, that.

Gakuto: *growls a bit* very inconvenient

Saeki: So, even if I wanted to use sex for stress relief, it's not really an option, is it?

Gakuto: Not if you plan on your lovers being the owners of this place. No it's not. *hands clenched*

Saeki: *stands by door, leaning on it and resisting the urge to sigh tiredly* Did I say I wanted my lover to own this place? *can't see Bane owning a strip club....bondage club maybe, but so not going to suggest that to him*

Gakuto: That's true *calms down and smirks* those two wouldn't leave me *happy* anyway who said your lovers needed to be owners you know *smirks* if you had anyone at all like a hot friend if they came here and you went on break...that's all you'd need *snickers*

Saeki: *closes his eyes and reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose; in days past...that might of been an option but now, with how unstable his trick is?* *finds the thought makes him a bit uneasy* I'll keep that in mind, Gakuto. *curtly said as he pushes away from the door, tugs it open walks inside*

Gakuto: You do that *smirks and wags his fingers at him before heading off to find one of his lovers* *stops for a moment to look over at Saeki and blinks* ... *moves closer and pokes at the invisible parts wondering if there was anything there*

Saeki: *putting his cigs and lighter back in his locker, feels a poke on his back* What the...? Gakuto? *annoyed, turns to glare at* What the bloody hell was that for?

Gakuto: *blinks* umm...well *reaches up and grabs Saeki's head pulling it down so he can see what he was poking for*

Saeki: *grabbed, makes a sound of protest before he actually gets a good look at his own chest -- or lack there of* Wha...*goes quiet, drawing a sharp breath; he's disappeared before, but only his skin, not his clothes* FUCK! *jerks out of Gakuto's gasp and spins to his locker, pulling out his jacket and cursing*

Gakuto: *makes a face at him* you're...gone *pokes some more* how weird is that! *snickers8 what a trick

Saeki: *knocks hand aside, trying not to panic but this is new and he doesn't like it* Will you cut it the hell out, you bloody brat? *pulls on jacket, watching to make sure it doesn't vanish too; relieved when it doesn't, but he can't go back to the bar with it on* Blood fucking hell...*runs fingers through hair, trying to think*

Gakuto: bloody brat... I'm not the weird one..

Saeki: *ignores Gakuto for the moment, closing his eyes and trying to calm down even though he's cursing under his breath; can't think clear and doesn't like the fact that he's panicking* Would you just shut up? I..shit. I can't work like this.

Gakuto: then go home

Saeki: *glares at, hates that Gakuto' right, but only frowns and shrugs* Fuck. *pulls cell phone out of jeans, speed dials Bane's number* Kuro? I'm getting off early...no. Much earlier. Try as soon as go tell Tezuka I'm leaving for the evening...just come get me, luv? *struggling to keep temper and panic out of his voice* No, out back....fine. I'll see you in a few. *tucks phone away and tugs jacket up to make sure his full chest is covered*

Gakuto: have fun

Saeki: *half-muttered reply of yeah, right* *pulls jacket tight around self and goes to Tezuka's office to explain to him that he has to go home*