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[scriptlog] Saeki, Eiji - Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows

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[scriptlog] Saeki, Eiji [Mar. 9th, 2007|09:38 am]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows


Date: 03.08.07
Rating: G
Summary: Scriptlog. Eiji and Saeki talk a bit at work. About anything but Saeki. ;D

Saeki: *drops change off in a customer's hand, his hand still gloved and his smile in place, though he's really not feeling it tonight; he woke up earlier in the day to find that his chest, from his collarbone to his navel, was...gone, which is never a joyful experience* *considers himself lucky that it's still cool enough that he can wear a tight turtleneck sweater to hide the...problem* *turns his attention to his neck customer, and raises an eyebrow at the familiar head of red* Well, hello there, luv. *smiles at coworker* What can I do you for?

Eiji: *studies the rows of drinks on display and pouts* Well... Uh... Coke nya?

Saeki: *smirks, wouldn't have served him anything else anyway* Of course, luv. *slips away for a moment, going to the mini-fridge under the counter and pulling out a bottle of Coke and a chilled glass; fills the glass with ice before setting it and a napkin on the counter in front of Eiji, sets the bottle of Coke on it and slides it and the glass forward on the napkin* There ya go, luv. Enjoy.

Eiji: *grins and fills up the glass* Thanks, Saeki-san! You good?

Saeki: *steps back, smile never faltering* I'm always good. *answers far, far away from the truth; actually feels quite uncomfortable, like his sweater might ride up at any minute -- never mind that he used clothing tape to secure it down*

Eiji: Good! *takes a sip and lets his eyes travel around the place, not really sure what to say next* I don't start until really late tonight, nya. How long are you staying?

Saeki: *leans elbows on the table and glances around too; it's still early and rather slow, so not many customers* I'm here till about two, luv. Probably a bit later if my shift relief is late. *shrugs*

Eiji: Cool! That means I can continue to bother you for a bit!

Saeki: *chuckles* That you can, luv. *smirks* Though what would you want to bother me about? *headtilts* I'm the most unbotherable person here, I think.

Eiji: Well, anything, really. I wanna get to know you, nya.

Saeki: *eyebrow raise, hasn't really let that many people close to him since moving -- Bane (the git) and Ryou aside* Do you now, luv? Whatever for? I'm a pretty boring bastard, all things considered?

Eiji: You're another person. I like to get to know other people nya. Simple <3

Saeki: *laughs softly, eyes closed a bit* And if I like to keep an aura of mystery around me, luv?

Eiji: *long face* ... Do you?

Saeki: *small smirk* Maybe...*reaches over and ruffles Eiji's hair* Nothing to worry about, luv.

Eiji: *still long face* Well, uhm... If you wanna know stuff about me? You can ask away nya!

Saeki: *wry smile, not good at asking much either -- likes the whole distance thing* All right, then, luv...you said you had a trick? What is it?

Eiji: I tooooooold you and you didn't believe me, nya. *pouts* Why would you believe me now?

Saeki: *leans elbows on the counter, frowns thoughtfully* Because a couple of friends of mine...do things. I guess I do too, but I've never met anyone who does stuff before I came here. *shrugs*

Eiji: Well, me either, but I don't go around distrusting people anyway nya. *takes another sip, then grins* But I forgive you. My trick? Wanna light that candle?

Saeki: *not commenting that he didn't distrust Eiji per se...he thought he was stoned* Mmm....sure. *grabs candle from nearby, digs matches from out of the counter and lights one, then candle, and waves match out* There ya go, luv.

Eiji: Thanks, nya! *concentrates, staring at the candle flame, then grins as the flame slowly grows a little bit larger and forms into the shape of a Hello Kitty head* What'cha think?

Saeki: *blinks, watching -- has never seen an overt power outside of his own (both Bane and Ryou's powers are...hard to see the effects of on them)* Ah...interesting. Definitely entertaining. *smirks*

Eiji: *grins* Yeah! Can't light a fire with my thoughts, but I can control it if it is there, nya. That's pretty nifty, right?

Saeki: *nods* That it is.

Eiji: *grin suddenly disappears* Yeah... Saved my life once.

Saeki: *snorts softly* At least yours is useful then. *smirks, shrugging it off* That's good, really.

Eiji: Yeah. *faint grin* So what do you do?

Saeki: Nothing quite so interesting. *frowns a little, shrugs, smiles again* I...disappear.

Eiji: You what?! *blinks* You mean you're like uh... turn into uh... fog? Or...?

Saeki: *shakes head* No...I mean I disappear. Vanish. It's...a bit hard to explain. *bitter smirk* I haven't done it for long.

Eiji: Uhm... You turn invisible? Like Harry Potter?

Saeki: *laughs and nods* Yeah. Like that, I suppose is the best way to explain it.

Eiji: *whistles* I'm so glad I don't have that ability! I would never be able to keep from trying to sneak into movies or snoop around and stuff! Can you keep from doing that nya?

Saeki: *blank look* Honestly, I've never thought about it. *smile* More interested in figuring out how to reappear, luv. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

Eiji: *grins* But if you practice and get the hang of it, you could be wicked!!

Saeki: *not sharing the enthusiasm* Luv, I'd be happy with waking up knowing I won't be missing any body parts.

Eiji: *long face* But uhm... It is totally cool anyway. And you could go around doing special tricks with an invisible hand or something. Like make a glass float or something~

Saeki: *chuckles, shakes head* I suppose I could. *shrugs again, still not impressed by the whole idea* I still find it a pain in the arse right now.

Eiji: Awww! And that's totally not good nya! We could practice together!

Saeki: *grimaces at idea of...practicing with it, has tried -- and failed -- many times* It's a bit pointless to bother, luv. It comes and goes as it wants.

Eiji: Really? That sucks. Hey, you don't know why we have these powers to begin with, right?

Saeki: Not a bloody clue, luv. *runs fingers through hair* But when I find whatever the hell's responsible for them, I'm siccing Bane on it.

Eiji: Who?

Saeki: *blinks, oh right* Bane. Kurobane Harukaze. A friend of mine who's...like this. Bloody vicious bastard when you piss him off.

Eiji: Ooooh... *huge eyes* What's his trick, nya?

Saeki: *considers, probably won't hurt to share -- Bane's got less problem with it than he does* He's...an animal, I suppose. Senses-wise, at least.

Eiji: Animal? Wow!!! I mean, really. We could take over the world, nya! If we wanted. How cool is that, right?

Saeki: *chuckles, shrugs* Possibly. Certainly don't think anyone smart would get in Bane's way if he gets mad enough. Bastard's got the teeth too. *has gotten a few bites from them himself, context aside, and is not mentioning the other parts that are...uhm. In keeping with his trick*

Eiji: Teeth? Cool!

Saeki: Bloody sharps ones. *nods* No claws, thankfully. Would hate to see what he'd do to my damn wardrobe...*curls nose, not even liking the mental image*

Eiji: *laughs* Your wardrobe? What about his own?

Saeki: *realizes what he said, sighs and tries not to blush* Trust me, luv. It would be my wardrobe that would get attacked. *mutters under breath* While I'm still wearing it...

Eiji: *has very keen ears, but even better eyes and is a good lip reader, so blushes* Oh... Oh. You're dating? Or just uh... Having fun, nya?

Saeki: *small laugh, shrugs* Fun, sometimes. We used to mess around in school.

Eiji: Really? Cool!

Saeki: *laughs again, finds Eiji...amusingly naive, really* Not many people think that, luv. We try not to advertise the casual sex thing.

Eiji: Hey, as long as it's okay with both, what's the problem, right?

Saeki: Someone who doesn't approve could find problems, luv. And I don't really want to advertise it. What we do...it's not anyone's business, really.

Eiji: Well, that's a point. *shrugs and finishes his coke* One more?

Saeki: Coming right up. *takes the empty bottle and glass, tosses the bottle and dumps out the ice, refills the ice and digs another bottle of the fridge, before setting them on the counter for him* There you go, luv.

Eiji: Thankies~ So, if you don't wanna discuss your sexlife, what do you wanna discuss

Saeki: *small shrug* Hmm...not a clue, luv. *smiles* I'm paid to listen, not talk.

Eiji: I'd tell you about my sex life, but there's not much to tell...

Saeki: Cute kid like you? *vaguely surprised by this, given what Eiji does*

Eiji: *dry chuckle* Well... I'm trying to keep away from it, really. See but no touchie, you know?

Saeki: *nods* That's probably a good plan, all things considered, luv.

Eiji: Yeah... *grows quiet for a bit*

Saeki: *headtilts, knows something wrong -- is bartender, d'uh* Not wanting it isn't that big of deal anyway . *smiles* Because of what I do...I don't let most people touch me.

Eiji: *quietly* And people respect that, right?

Saeki: If they don't, I'll ask Bane to rip their fucking heads off. *leans on counter, looking a bit concerned* They should, though. I've only been...uncomfortable being touched since this showed up, and it's not been very long.

Eiji: Ah~ Well, That's good at least, nya!

Saeki: Hn. Yeah, very. I'd hate to have to pay Bane's bail after what he did to the last creeps he caught manhandling a friend. *wry grin, isn't kidding in the least* Though someone would have to have the balls to turn him in first...

Eiji: What? Is your friend all right?

Saeki: *averts eyes, sighs* As all right as one can expect, luv. *very worried about Ryou, but...so long as he knows where Ry is, he can deal with it*

Eiji: Pretty shitty, huh. *frowns, can imagine all too well*

Saeki: Mmm....very. *straightens up a bit* I just hope Bane wasn't exaggerating what he did to the bastards that touched my Ry.

Eiji: *looks pretty pale* More than one? Not cool...

Saeki: Ah...yeah. *tilts head at him* You okay, luv? I'm not bringing up shit better left unsaid to you, am I?

Eiji: I started talking, didn't I? *grins faintly* So it's okay. Wanna tell me something about... Your Ry then?"

Saeki: True, but it doesn't mean you wanted to go into this subject *smiles, shrugs* Told you I'm better at listening than talking. And...hm. What to tell? *doesn't want to go into prostitution or runaway issues* I think mine sums it up. *smiles brightly, is teasing -- but still...*

Eiji: Ah... Right. Then uh... Me? I came here a little while ago... Been floating around. Kinda.

Saeki: Really now, luv? Do anything interesting before this?

Eiji: *sighs, takes a deep breath and nods* Yeah. No. Kinda. Different foster homes. A brothel. That sort of drifting around nya~

Saeki: *eyebrow raise at the brothel, that explains much* Here's better then, yes, luv?

Eiji: *nods eagerly* Lots! Really. Lots.

Saeki: Good. *smiles* Because if it's not...then you shouldn't put it up with it.

Eiji: ........ Right.

Saeki: I'm serious, luv. *small shrug* You can always do better.

Eiji: Uhm... Thanks.

Saeki: Anytime. *smiles proudly* Advice is part of this job too, right up there with listening.

Eiji: *grins* Yeah... Well... I'll go for a walk I think... Before work~

Saeki: *calm smile, knows he's getting the brush off and is okay with that* Sure thing, luv. Have a good night.