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[scriptlog] Kisarazu Atsushi, Rin - Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows

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[scriptlog] Kisarazu Atsushi, Rin [Apr. 14th, 2007|10:02 pm]
Twilight Prince: Deadly Shadows


Date: 04.07.07
Rating: G
Summary: Script log. A change meeting between two empaths and an impromptu explanation about control~

Atsushi: *has been running for the better part of the morning, despite his head still hurting a bit from last night's drinking; but...whatever, right? it's not like he can't not work out* *finally slows and comes to a halt near a small pavilion that houses benches and vending machines; water will help, and he can only sense the emotions of a couple of other people within range* *takes a breath and ups his shields a bit anyway, before stepping inside, heading over to a machine that deposits bottled water, and digging out some change*

Rin: *sits a little bit off clutching at his legs. silently thanks people for not crowding such a nice place but still can't stand all the emotions remotely close by. shocked when he sees someone and feels...nothing* ...what? *stands up and follows after him*

Atsushi: *pushes the button for a bottle of water and steps back as it drops into the bin, retrieves and opens it, then takes a long drink* *turns and notices that someone else has come in to the pavilion as well, but has his shields pulled up so can't feel anything off him*

Rin: *looks at him, golden eyes sparkling* Nothing...

Atsushi: *eyebrow raise, because...okay, that look's a bit odd* Can I...help you? *hoping it's not some crazed fan*

Rin: *shakes his head* Well...I don't think you can...you...nothing at all *pinches him*

Atsushi: Hey! *jerks arm back from pinch, irritated* What the hell? *takes step back, putting space between and strange person, dropping his shields a bit so he can 'see' the emotions swirling around the strange guy but not pick up on them; gets hints of confusion, relief and...fascination*

Rin: *looks sheepish and grins* I...I'm surprised...you...nothing at all. *doesn't know how to explain to a stranger he feels nothing seeing him*

Atsushi: *still wary; weird guys are never a good sign, but this one doesn't seem dangerous -- certainly doesn't feel that way* Right...nothing. *shifts water bottle to the other hand, tilting his head and thinking he's attracted a random crazy person -- yay* Look, whatever your on, I don't have any of it and I don't have enough cash on me for you get to more...*drops shields a bit more, intent on turning guy's emotions down and getting him to bug the hell off*

Rin: *looks at him confused* But...I...I don't want anything. *feels the faint wariness, hesitation, and caution as if he was feeling them himself and frowns at him* Stop that...

Atsushi: *standing still, hasn't done anything yet expect drop his shields a bit* *surprised, slams them back up, but...he couldn't have felt that* I'm not doing anything.

Rin: *lets out a happy sigh at the new feeling of nothing* You...you did!

Atsushi: *has shields down enough to read him; picks up overjoyed colors in the swirls; knows what he did, should probably just leave -- but...curious* And just what did I do?

Rin: I don't know... *leans in close* first...it was nothing...then it was something and now nothing *happy even more because he still feels nothing*

Atsushi: *backs away; likes his personal space, thanks* You...sense my shields? *cautious about saying this, ready to drop them if he has too*

Rin: *stares blankly at him* Shields?

Atsushi: Yes, shields. Empathic shields. *drops them a bit, letting his wariness and curiosity slip back through*

Rin: *whimpers not wanting to feel the emotions* Stop it.. *pouts* Please?

Atsushi: *...gets the point; remembers what it felt like before he learned to shield and puts them back up* You...you're like me then? *genuinely surprised* You...feel things?

Rin: All the time....it hurts... *looks at Atsushi* It really hurts

Atsushi: *yeah, remembers that too -- constant headaches and feeling like he'd been drug through the wringer and back by moodswings* You...can't block them? Like I am now? *frowns* Ow...

Rin: *pouts at him* I don't know how....

Atsushi: *carefully opens water bottle, still keeping an eye on strange guy but getting a drink* *considers, has never told anyone how he does it* You have to pull yourself back and put up a wall. *thinks of it in visual terms, but...his power is visual, and he can watch the effects of blocking someone as their emotional colors fade for him*

Rin: *reaches out taking his arm* But I can't...! I can barely hide from it all!

Atsushi: *cringes, doesn't do well with physical contact, and pulls arm away* Then you need to learn, geeze. *frowns at* It just takes some focus.

Rin: You'll teach me? *hopeful* Please? Please? I'll do anything! If it goes away I'll be happy

Atsushi: *puts shields back up fully; the guy's emotions are...intense* I...fine. *sighs, shouldn't be doing this, but he's never met anyone like himself before* C'mon. Sit down over here. *points to benches*

Rin: *doesn't wait before putting himself down on a bench happy to learn*

Atsushi: *settles down across from him, sighs deeply and drops shields so he can read him again; can tell this is going to be tiring and headache inducing...joy; still, focuses on his swirling colors* It was always easier for me to find one person and focus on their emotions, then work on blocking them. *used his roommate in high school, without the other knowing* So...find someone nearby and see if you can just concentrate on what they're feeling.

Rin: *frowns unsure of his words, but looks around to see two people sitting further away from them, can feel both of their emotions and tries to only concentrate on one of them*

Atsushi: *rests chin on fist, drinking water; knows this sounds...counterintuitive, but it's easier to learn to block one person at a time then everyone; knows...tried* Once you're completely focused on that one person, you need to concentrate on them and breath deeply and slowly. 's kinda like meditating until you get used to it. Then, start to push everything you're feeling that you know isn't from you away.

Rin: But it feels like it's all from me... *whimpers and blushes* They...they're feeling...er... *looks away blushing*

Atsushi: *eyebrow raise* ...hm. That's not how mine works. *glances over at people and shrugs* Yeah, horny. So?

Rin: *looks away* It's embarrassing *shrugs and tries not to concentrate on them again*

Atsushi: Ah. *doesn't feel that way but...with what he does for a living, he is kinda used to it* Then think about...pushing their feelings out of you? You want to create some distance between you and everyone else.

Rin: So no wall?

Atsushi: *shakes his head* Not until you can get their feelings out. A wall works for me because...I guess I 'see' what people are feeling just as much as I can feel it.

Rin: Oh... *shivers and tries to push the feelings out of himself knowing it wasn't him that was really horny because...well he wasn't damn it.*

Atsushi: *watches Rin carefully, noting how his emotions flux; trying not to smirk over subtle shades of horniness around him*

Rin: *lets out a small whimper as the horniness overtakes him and wiggles* Not...not fair...

Atsushi: *bites lower lip, drops shields enough that he can reach out and turn down the emotion for this guy himself* ...just try again. 's all you can do until you get used to doing it.

Rin: *makes a small sound of relief* Thank...thank you *keeps working on pushing the rest of it out of him*

Atsushi: *shrugs* It'll take time to get familiar with it. I think it might be a bit different for you. *feels emotions, but doesn't really...experience them*

Rin: *stops to look at him* Do you think that it works differently?

Atsushi: *shrugs* It might. Never met another empath before. *knew a guy that could give himself head but...that's not even close to being the same thing* Do you see colors?

Rin: *shakes his head* No colors

Atsushi: Hm...then it's not completely like mine. I see stuff and feel stuff. Mostly colors that relate to what people are feeling. If I can block those out, I can block out other people's emotions.

Rin: *doesn't like the sound of that....because if it didn't work for him he'd have to keep hiding away from people and be stuck*

Atsushi: Still...*shrugs* You should be able to block them. It's tiring. *puts shields back up* And it takes lots of practice, but there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to.

Rin: Right! Right *goes back to concentrating on the horny couple trying to figure out how to get the feelings out of him*

Atsushi: *goes silent and watches him, turning down emotions when they start to overwhelm*

Rin: *thankful for him and manages to finally only feel one instead of both of them and works on shutting that out sulking because he doesn't want to feel horny anymore*

Atsushi: *notices that he's managed to push one of them out, nods approval, putting shields back up a little -- because wow, tiring* Try doing this one without my help?

Rin: 'kay... *mutters distractedly because damn it only concentrating one....really, really hard*

Atsushi: *goes quiet again, letting him work through it on his own -- which also lets him rest himself*

Rin: *takes a moment before sinking down unable to do it just yet both emotions washing over him in waves*

Atsushi: *calmly turns them down again* It'll take practice. *shrugs, had this problem too but...lived with feeling stuff all his life*

Rin: So it gets easier?

Atsushi: *nods* I can do it without too much thought...*save for against his father, but no need to go into that* But it took me a couple of years to really master it.

Rin: Too bad it doesn't get easier faster...

Atsushi: *shrugs* Yeah, well...not much that can be done about that. I practiced as much as I could, but it was exhausting.

Rin: I see... *looks at him looking tired and thankful for Atsushi's help to make it seem less*

Atsushi: You'll get used to it. Better to be knocked out asleep than feeling everything.

Rin: Always *nods*

Atsushi: *not mentioning that alcohol works well for him too* *shrugs and stands up, finishing off water and pitching it into a nearby recycle bin* 's all you can do, anyway. At least with mine.

Rin: *looks thoughtful* Are they pretty?

Atsushi: *puzzles* ...are what pretty?

Rin: Emotions..

Atsushi: *shrugs* It depends on the person, really. *hasn't run across many he would call pretty* I guess some are...but most of them are murky to me. Too much going on at once.

Rin: Oh...even when concentrating?

Atsushi: Yeah. *shrugs* Most people don't feel just one pure thing, so I see lots of colors at once.

Rin: I suppose so...

Atsushi: It's like a muddy painting. *scratches back of head, glances at overtly horny couple, drops shields little bit* Those two aren't too bad. Lots of red.

Rin: *looks at him* So horny is red....

Atsushi: Passionate, horny...'s hard to explain how their different. *thinking...vermillion to crimson?* Some grays and blacks in there too. *crinkles nose* Someone's a bit dishonest about something...jealousy. It's not what it seems like. *used to picking up subtle nuances*

Rin: *looks at him amazed* Wow.....

Atsushi: *shrugs, so used to it that it doesn't even faze him* Yeah, well...that's what concentrating gets me. More detail.

Rin: I'm not sure i want more detail...

Atsushi: It can be handy, but...at the same time, it's a pain until you learn how to block it.

Rin: Oh....i guess *grins* Never thought of that

Atsushi: Took me awhile to figure out what to do with it. Only seemed to exist to give me a headache at first.

Rin: What's it good for? *frowns*

Atsushi: ...knowing if someone's lying to you or dangerous. *not mentioning the uses at work, which let him 'act' better than he really thinks he can* Basically just knowing intentions.

Rin: I don't get out much...

Atsushi: Then I guess it's not that useful for you. I don't really have a choice. Have to pay my rent somehow.

Rin: You could live with me ! *happy to offer a place to someone who could show him how to feel nothing*

Atsushi: *thin smirk* ...I like having my own place. *wants personal space for other reasons* Besides, I don't mind it much. I've gotten used to it.

Rin: Oh alright...

Atsushi: Yeah. Sorry. *runs fingers through hair, should not be feeling bad about that but -- yeah, needs space*

Rin: It's okay. It's probably better I stay alone....

Atsushi: *nods* Until you get a better handle on it, yeah...*stayed by self a lot when he was little; knows it helps* Otherwise, it gets exhausting having to keep up the shields all the time.

Rin: Well yeah, but if it had been you, I wouldn't have to worry!

Atsushi: Uh. *eyebrow raise, bit baffled* I meant keeping my shields up. I can't do it twenty-four-seven. *especially not if he's having dreams -- least of all if he starts projecting them*

Rin: Oh. *blush* Right! Sorry.

Atsushi: *small smile* It's okay. *shrugs, glances at couple -- yeah, still horny* Hm...They need to get a room already...

Rin: Maybe they don't realize others are here?

Atsushi: Hn. *shrugs* How they can miss us is beyond me...but. Whatever, I guess. *tilts head*

Rin: Or they don't care *stands up* We can always go away. I don't want to feel it anymore

Atsushi: They probably don't care. *small shrug again*, can't feel them right now but is getting tired of shielding all day; might be a bit mean and turn on one of them off -- but...someone else around* We probably should. I need to get breakfast and get back home. *has scripts to read*

Rin: *reaches out and grabs his hand* It was good to meet you. Thanks

Atsushi: *...doesn't jerk hand out of grasp* Yeah. Pleasure. You're welcome.

Rin: *smiles and rushes off* Enjoy breakfast! *is going to go home and sleep away from other emotions*

Atsushi: *watches him go, shaking head* Yeah, sure...*shrugs, leaves*